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What's New

DynaFile teams up with iCIMS to provide esignature integration.

Blue Ribbon's popular Human Resources document management system, DynaFile, has joined forces with iCIMS to give HR professionals the power of a completely paperless employee file life cycle. Now DynaFile clients can take advantage of the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite to track new applicants and get onboarding paperwork completed electronically. Through our new integration, completed onboarding forms from iCIMS are automatically published in the new hire's folder inside of DynaFile. From there, your team can easily add to staff folders, keep track of auditable documents, control segmented access, securely share files, scan in back files and much more. Learn more...

DynaFile teams up with DocuSign to provide esignature integration.

Blue Ribbon's flagship document management software, DynaFile, has joined forces with DocuSign to provide integrated electronic signatures and online form filling capabilities. The combined solution has become a popular way for organizations to implement paperless employee onboarding, streamline sales processing and much more. Learn more...

DynaFile provides employee file system for Human Resource departments.

Companies are turning to DynaFile more and more as an employee file management solution. With scan to cloud tools, HR can automate the conversion of paper files to electronic format and take the entire depart paperless fast. From there, DynaFile integrates with HRIS, ATS and payroll applications to become a central repository for all employee information. Cloud storage provides secure access and easy collaboration from anywhere, at any time. Learn more...

Healthcare providers leverage DynaFile to help automate the transition to EMR.

Healthcare providers and health facilities have been having great success utilizing DynaFile to help make the transition to EMR a little bit smoother. Scanning automation tools provide a quick and easy way to convert paper medical records to EMR. DynaFile can then be used as a central repository to store and manage patient files securely, yet retain easy access. Learn more...

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Blue Ribbon Technologies was founded in 1999 with the simple goal of providing practical, high quality document management solutions accompanied by outstanding support. BRT's powerful software and superior customer service is what sets them apart from other document management companies. This is why achieving 100% customer satisfaction is more than just a goal: it's the company's record. Read more...

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